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Interested in a Commission... where do we begin?

This is one of my favorite questions :)

First thing is to decide the best size canvas for your project. It also helps to see your space, either through photos or in person (if local), to get a feel for the surrounding atmosphere (wall color, fabric swatches, light, overall mood, etc.) Then we can set-up a time frame for completion - typically between 2-3 weeks depending on the time of year (slightly longer during the Christmas season.) If you need a canvas size I don't have in stock, allow an additional week for ordering time. If you need it to be rushed, we can see what we can work out.

My prices for commissioned pieces run about 15% more than ready-to-ship paintings. This is to account for the time spent putting together a cohesive work that meets all of your wishes.

As of January 2014, my prices for commissions are as follows (not including shipping):
12"x12": $260 // 18"x18", 16"x20": $460 // 24" x 24": $620 // 36" x 36": $980 // 40" x 40" : $1180 // 36"x48": $1280 // 48"x48": $1420

I start with a color palette for inspiration, and discuss which elements of my other pieces you like most (fog, rolling hills, water, more realistic vs. more abstract, etc...) I will create an inspiration board to make sure we are on the same page, which also helps me to compile all my thoughts and images into one space to reference.

Once completed, I will send you a picture of your piece for your review. Feel free to give me any feedback... really, I want you be honest and ask to change something (if necessary) and be absolutely in LOVE with your new painting. Once you're 100% satisfied, it will be shipped.


Depending on the size of your piece, I usually ship your piece via FedEx, for between $25-150 depending on size. For pieces larger than 36" x 36", shipping get a bit more complicated.  E-mail me directly before purchasing, and I will provide a quote for shipping. 
For international orders, I will have to paint on an unstretched piece of canvas, which I can then roll up and ship in a tube for relatively inexpensively. This is a perfectly safe way to ship oil paintings, but it will require you to stretch the canvas onto stretcher bars once you receive it- most framing or art stores can do this.

Wholesale Orders? 

I do offer discounted packages for wholesale orders for retailers, and interior designers/art consultants that I feel would represent and compliment Amaryllis Truth Studio well.  E-mail me at amaryllistruth {at} gmail.com


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